The group

Note: This website is out of date (last edited in 2021). Current information here.

Current students and affiliates


  • Jennifer Brown, grad student. Jenny is quantum topological invariants, moduli of Higgs bundles, and quantization. She is also supervised by my colleague Motohico Mulase.




  • Andrew Ballin, grad student. Andrew studies vertex algebras and quantum groups, and is working to construct fusion and braiding in novel non-semisimplecategories of modules.


  • Wenjun Niu, grad student. Wenjun is studying representation theory and derived algebraic geometry, and applying these ideas to mathematically characterize extended operators in 3d and 4d gauge theories.



  • Victor Py, grad student. Victor recently arrived at Davis after completing the PSI masters program at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.


Past members

  • Niklas Garner, grad student. Nik is interested in algebro-geometric structures arising in supersymmetric quantum field theory. He has studied quantized operator algebras related to Theories of Class S, dualities of 3d gauge theories, and physics constructions of link homology. Nik obtained his PhD in 2021 and his now a postdoc at the University of Washington, in the group of Natalie Paquette.


  • Harold Williams, QMAP postdoc 2017-2020. Harold thinks about problems in representation theory, geometry, and combinatorics that are informed by theoretical physics. He is now faculty at USC.


  • Michael Geracie, QMAP postdoc 2016-2019. Michael’s background is in formal physical aspects of quantum field theory and condensed matter theory. At Davis, he worked on line operators and dualities in supersymmetric gauge theory, and (with my colleague Mukund Rangamani and other QMAP members) on a new interpretation of Schwinger-Keldysh path integrals. Michael is now continuing his postdoctoral studies at the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center, Tsinghua University.

  • Philsang Yoo, visiting postdoctoral fellow, January-June 2019. Phil’s research aims to mathematically understand aspects of quantum field theory. While here, he studied the algebraic structure of topological twists, via derived geometry. Phil is now an assistant professor at the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center, Tsinghua University.