Categorical Wall Crossing

Videos and other resources from the reading group on Algebra of the Infrared, perverse schobers, and categorical wall crossing, April-August 2020

Zoom recordings

  1. SUSY quantum mechanics (Andrew Ballin)
  2. Homotopies in SUSY QM (Niklas Garner)
  3. 2d SUSY Landau-Ginzburg models (Jennifer Brown)
  4. Thimbles in LG models (Harold Williams)
  5. Combinatorics of webs (Wenjun Niu)
  6. Operads (Ahsan Khan)
  7. Representations of webs (Victor Py)
  8. UV algebras (Tudor Dimofte)
  9. Boundaries and webs (Muhammad Shehper)
  10. Categories of boundary conditions (Ahsan Khan)
  11. Secondary polytopes (Niklas Garner)
  12. Perverse sheaves (Wenjun Niu)
  13. Polytopes and A-infinity algebras (Yan Soibelman)
  14. Overview of schobers and IR categories (Yan Soibelman)
  15. Examples of perverse schobers (Will Donovan)
  16. Further examples/perspective on schobers (Philsang Yoo)
  17. Rectilinear transport (Will Donovan)

Notes/papers we used: